Pierce Me - An LGBT Drama

Pierce Me is a story about relationships. Broken, terrible relationships, and the people who are for better or worse thrust together. James has never had much going for him. Few prospects, even fewer dreams. The only one in his family to graduate high school and so far he’s been (mostly) content to waste his life, until one night after another day at his dead-end job, a bar he was dragged to would bring him and another into dangerously close proximity.

Pierce Me is a long form drama with a heavy slice-of-life bent and a gleeful mixture of feels and rampant smut. It's been a long road so far and we continue to refine our craft.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!
-Transliterary & Sayuncle

About the project

Pierce Me only exists with the generous assistance of our donors and patrons, whom we hope are enjoying the content we create for them! All our patrons enjoy seeing the work a month in advance, but we always planned to make it available to all. Paywalls suck, we know, and finally everyone can enjoy these little widgets and side stories that we throw in each month.
However, Between early access to the pages (over a month in advance!) and the chance to get your characters in Pierce Me OR LIE, the benefits of pitching in are obvious!

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