About the authors

Lily Literate, also known as Transliterary, is a dumb queer girl who wants to write for a living. She handles the web development, the scripts, and a lot of the background work. Her work can be read at www.lilyliterate.com/writing !

Sayuncle is reclusive and shy and is also hissing at me right now.

Wanna get in touch? Have a concern? You can contact us at secretaryspider@gmail.com – don’t hesitate!

About the Comics

Pierce Me is a story about relationships. Broken, terrible relationships, and the people who are for better or worse thrust together. James has never had much going for him. Few prospects, even fewer dreams. The only one in his family to graduate high school and so far he’s been (mostly) content to waste his life, until one night after another day at his dead-end job, a bar he was dragged to would bring him and another into dangerously close proximity. Pierce Me is a young adult story set in the near future in a world where animals have evolved mutations to become sentient anthromorphs.The world outside our main characters is expansive and will be explored alongside the story.

LIE is about characters who are very minor in Pierce Me but felt that they had their own stories to tell.  Again just terrible people with terrible lives.


About the world


-info coming soon as it’s brought into the comic-


Am I missing out on content by not being a patron?

Heck no! We are strongly against the idea of paywalls, and all content that goes through the patreon ends up getting published at some point or another. However, there is some neat stuff that is available to patrons, especially if you’re patient.

When will the next update be?

If you are a part of my Patreon you will receive the entire month’s update towards the end of the month in a lump post. After trial and error this was the best way I could go about it. You will receive Art after first payment.

For the Piercemecomic Website I will be planning on Fridays as an update day. I won’t be announcing it anywhere so you will have to check back here or use the rss feed.

Posting the pages anywhere else (Furaffinity etc) May be sporadic at best, if at all. Tumblr is the best place to keep up to date with my artwork.


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