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James Decker

Age: 23
Species: African Wild Dog
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Occupation: Student – Business degree

James can best be summarised as anxious. His adult life has been peppered with avoidance, anxiety and passivity. Perhaps surprising that he ever made it through high school at all. Even now he seems aimless.

James is a student, recently replacing his menial job with an attempt at a business degree. This makes him the first Decker in his family to undergo tertiary education.

When not studying, James prefers more reserved social situations, or doing as little as possible.

Kenzie Kingston

Age: 21
Species: Australian Shepherd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Occupation: Temp Worker

Kenzie is not the most clever boy, and more than a little repressed, but overall an eager young man fresh into adult life. Not long out of high school, he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, but temp work has proven itself entertaining and reasonably lucrative.

Given his disposable income and curious nature, Kenzie has been trying his best to be outgoing, but he still experiences the discomforts of someone unused to life outside a gated community.

In D&D Kenzie plays an Elf Ranger, named Lothan Woodstrider by Tyce (“Get it? WOODstrider? ’cause he’s an elf, also you’re gay?”)

Chris Decker

Age: 25
Species: African Wild Dog
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Mechanic

Chris is the unfortunate middle child. Back before Mick was shipped off, Chris and Mick were inseparable. They learned to work with cars together, they got into arguments with their stepmom together, they both started their individual drug habits together.

Unlike Mick, Chris knew when to stop. He never got so violent as to get kicked out of school, or home. He dropped out to go into a trade as a mechanic, and that trade has done a lot to keep him from the activities that put his older brother in prison.

Since their father died Chris has mellowed out a lot, and seems to have taken a pseudo father figure for the rest of the family. He still gets into trouble – it’s a good week when a police car isn’t outside their home – but he does his best.

Theo “Rat” Decker

Age: 12
Species: African Wild Dog / Hyena
Gender: Male

Rat is the only boy of the family to come from their step-mother, and the youngest member of the family. Initially a good enough kid, Rat is remarkably gifted with machinery – he spent most of his time with his dad and Chris working on cars.

He was also present for the accident that gave him and Chris their burns and left the four of them without a father. He was hospitalized for several weeks at the time.

Now Rat doesn’t really talk much. He acts out and has been picked up for shoplifting and other minor offences. He is also the only member of the family who actively seems to bite back when their stepmother starts yelling.

On the days he doesn’t go to school he usually helps Chris with whatever it is he’s doing, good or bad – Chris is the only one he’ll speak to.

Mallory Decker

Age: Mom Years
Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Retail

Mallory is the matriarch of the Decker family, and slightly reluctant inheritor of an extended family that grew up with a far different mother. Domineering and aggressive she asserted herself within the more submissive Wild Dog family she joined and took her place at the head of the family not long after meeting Irving.

After his death Mallory has tried desperately to cling to control of an increasingly unstable family that is perhaps more fractured than she’d care to admit. She went into the relationship without expecting this to be the outcome and perhaps is more than a little bitter, but she honestly does care for the kids. In her own loud, angry way.

To get out of the house, Mallory also works part-time at a friend’s clothing store.

Jade Decker

Age: 14
Species: Hyena / African Wild Dog
Gender: Female

Jade is the first child from Mallory and Irving’s marriage. Heavily influenced by grunge and punk and already well within the grip of puberty, Jade is as angry as Rat but not quite so quiet about it.

Jade wasn’t around for the incident that left Mallory a single mother – away on camp until after the funeral. It has perhaps left a sour note on her relationship with the rest of the family that the last year or so has completely failed to erase. Jade spends most of her time sulking or engaging in screaming matches with her mother.

Besides the screaming and fighting she seems to enjoy a series of young adult novels about mice knights.

Amy Decker

Age: 8
Species: Hyena / African Wild Dog
Gender: Female

Amy, the youngest child, is the most chipper and friendly of the Deckers. She somehow has managed to cling to her innocence in the whirling maelstrom that is her family, but some things show through that she’s maybe a little odd. She gets it from James, the rest of the family claim.

It’s little things, like how much time she spends doodling on sketchbooks, napkins, schoolbooks, school walls, lockers, whatever surface that she finds that can hold ink. The subject matter – a mixture of glam and lasers mixed with unicorns and chainsaws. Or the fact that she loves her red sandals “cause it’s like walking in the blood of your enemies… all the time!”

Amy just likes to spend time doing her own thing, and is probably the only family member James sees a lot of.

Mick Decker

Age: 27
Species: African Wild Dog
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Odd jobs

The eldest brother, the one with the most responsibility, Mick entered the military after expulsion from high school. Partly because he was never very good at classes, partly because he got along with study and his parents violently poorly.

His time in the discipline of the armed forces didn’t do much to stifle his aggressive tendencies, and upon returning home he swiftly ended up in the same circles as he was in before. Armed robbery put him in prison the first time and that began a cycle that had continued through his early twenties. Since then he’s spent more time in lockups and a penitentiary than he has at home, but after his most recent return he seems to be keeping mostly out of trouble.

To take care of a wife and child he does a number of odd jobs – bouncing, helping Chris with his dirty work and whatever else pays his bills.


Age: 26
Species: Ring-Tailed Lemur
Gender: Female

Jaylee is Mick’s de facto partner and long-time friend, serving as a calming influence on the otherwise volatile wild dog. They had originally parted ways after Mick enlisted, but continued to reconnect between his stints in prison.

Mick’s first partner never got along with Jaylee, and the two got together after the divorce.

Their son Khepri was born while Mick was away, and since his return the two have managed to stabilize him significantly.


Hash is a cameo character. As a friend of Chris’ and mechanic, Hash occasionally hangs out at the house to help work on cars with him.

Hash belongs to Regent Shaw.

Cousin Bone

Age: 29
Species: African Wild Dog
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mechanic

At 29 years, Bone grew up as the oldest of 3 in a poor family. He dropped out of high school early to get out of home, and took a full term of service in the military.

After an honorable discharge Bone moved to the area to attend trade school as a mechanic. During this time he befriended the owner of a small speed shop, and since graduation is currently employed there.

He now lives with his live-in boyfriend and a roommate, and spends most of his time working on cars. He hopes to one day run his own business.

Bone is a cameo character. He belongs to Ninteens.


Age: 21
Species: Aardvark
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student – Game Design

Ronald is the self-proclaimed (much to everyone else’s amusement) leader of the group and Millie’s brother.

Longing for the high-school days where he could get gaming time in as often as he would like, Ronald studies Game Design and maintains that his version of D&D would be far superior. He maintains this at length on a number of discussion boards.

Ronald has never truly gotten over Millie’s transition, seeing it as something of a betrayal to their bond.


Age: 21
Species: Striped Hyena
Gender: Male
Occupation: Tank Gunner

Tyce, as the ‘bro’ of the group, doesn’t spend as much time with everyone as he would like. He was childhood friends with Brandon, and it was Brandon who got him into nerdy activities and the rest of the group.

After the gang split up post-high school, Tyce went straight into the armed forces, managing to squeeze himself into an armoured division. Its during his stays back home that Ronald gets everyone back together to do the ‘old group’ stuff. Their play styles don’t mesh, and while Ronald has his story Tyce just likes hanging out.

When Ronald isn’t forcing group time, Tyce prefers to just spend time with Brandon.

RIP Dave, his Gnoll Bard


Age: 21
Species: Aardvark
Gender: Female
Sexuality: YES.
Occupation: Body Mod apprentice/shop assistant

Originally an anxious child, Millie started her transition early in high school. In becoming who she felt she truly was that anxiety was no longer a problem for her.

These days she works in the Pierce Me body shop as the apprentice piercer and general shop assistant. She loves piercings, mods and tattoos, and has become something of a social butterfly. However, she always has time for her darling brother – as well as prove time and again that she can out-munchkin any rule set he throws at her.

Her current character, Professor Tempest, is an Undine Sorcerer/Barbarian.


Age: 21
Species: Scottish Fold
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student – Software Engineering

Brandon has always been an child prone to hiding. Pathological anxiety disorder, allergies and a naturally quiet personality combined in an unfortunate mess.

Since childhood Brandon has always been accompanied by his closest friend Tyce, and since high school (and Tyce’s deployment) Brandon has been slowly overcoming his issues.

Aside from Kenzie, Brandon has his own circle of friends and largely tries to avoid Ronald, who he sees as bitter and unpleasant. He has a hard time ducking him in university, despite his subtle efforts.

He has been playing Sir Vanquish, his Dhampir Paladin, since he was 14.

Fun fact: Brandon has a girlfriend in Canada!